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Dr. Thomas Rosati Ed. D. A.T.P.

Dr. Thomas Rosati Ed.D.  A.T.P
Dr. Rosati has been an educator for 33 years, working as a speech teacher, special educator, and school administrator.  He has been nationally recognized through RESNA as an assistive technology provider. As a graduate professor at St. John’s University, he has instructed and trained speech pathologists in instruction and A.T. assessment and methodology for integrating technology into special needs classrooms. His work is featured in Geffner and Swain’s book Auditory Processing Disorders: Assessment, Management and Treatment.

He has made presentations throughout the country on Education Technology Integration, and on a wide range of topics in the region.  He currently is an adjunct at Stony Brook University in the engineering department, facilitating original engineering concept design projects, and is a national evaluator for programs and competitions for RESNA and for the JETS annual engineering competition.

His doctoral work was done in collaboration with Dr. Jonathan Hughes on using district data for comparing and evaluating school districts. While he was a student, he was a graduate assistant to Dr. Hughes and is currently working with him on producing Data Points.

Dr. Rosati has pioneered original programs and training in educational technology, inclusive education, school web sites, and A.T. assessment, presenting original training programs for a wide variety of audiences. His eclectic background and training includes 7 degrees or advanced certificates. He holds NYS permanent certification in Speech, Special Education, and School District Administration.

He is well known as a resource for offering assistance and guidance through regular contributions to professional listservs, and social media. He was involved for many years as an educational associate for AOL, eventually serving as the moderator for all special education forums.  He has worked with the spectrum of disabilities in education, working one on one, or in home, clinical, and classroom settings with pre-school through geriatric special needs individuals. He has taught classes to a wide variety of teachers, parents and administrators in urban and rural environments, through teacher centers, service agencies, local and national organizations.

Independent assistive technology, educational technology integration and workplace accommodations are areas where Dr. Rosati is available for evaluation, consultation and training for staff, students, and clients.   District environmental assessments and data analysis are additional services that can be arranged.  He has been a consultant and trainer for many years for everything from introducing Common Core and APPR standards to Title I teachers in NYC yeshivas, to director of high school musicals for districts around Long Island. Visit the Workshop Page for a selection of other workshops and presentations that are available. Specific workshops can be created to meet a district or agency need.

He is a member of a theatrical family, with his wife Nancy as the office manager for Miracle or 2 Productions, his daughter Colleen working in creative development for Disney Theatrical, and his son Tommy is a professional sound designer and technical director for Park Playhouse. Dr. Rosati works at theaters around the Long Island as an actor, director or technician, and is currently president of the James Street Players in Babylon.  He has directed productions at various high schools in the area, and has written five murder mysteries that have been produced.

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