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Assistive Technology for Disability Awareness
     presented at the 20th Disability Awareness Conference
Assisting Students through Educational Technology
     presented to Patchogue-Medford Schools
Assistive Technology as Part of Rehab Services
     presented to Suffolk County Rehabilitation Council
Assisting SMART Classroom Technology - Elementary
     presented to Smithtown Schools
Assisting SMART Classroom Technology - Secondary
     presented to Smithtown Schools
Special Needs for Special Education in the Connected Classroom
     presented at SUNY Stony Brook
Assisting Students through Educational Technology
     presented to Sayville Schools
Aspiring Special Education Administrators
     presented at ES Boces
Assessing Career and Jobsite Accommodations
     presented at CEO summer staff trainings
Good Apps for Special Education
     presented at East Islip SEPTA meeting
Is Special Education Special?
     presented at Closing the Gap Conference

Assistive Technology
Kurzweil 3000, Speaking Dynamically Pro, Boardmaker, Inspiration, Voice Input/Output
A.A.C. Devices and Apps
Dynavox, Proloquo2go
Educational Technology
Smartboard, Mircrosoft Office Suite, Google for Education,
I-Pad Applications
Staff Training
A.T. for C.S.E.s, for Administrators, and for SEPTAs,
B.Y.O.D, Common Core

What is Assistive Technology and Why is it on the I.E.P? Especially APPY
Using Tablets in Special Education Settings
BYOD is Driving Me to Drink
Teaching Individuals Hand Held Technology
Blue Teeth and Fire Wires
Interconnectivity for Schools
Big Brother IS Watching
Classroom Cyber Security
Working Your Core
Adapting Curriculum to CCSS Thematic Units
Are You Smarter Than a SmartBoard?
Using Universal Design for Accessible and Innovative Student Engagement
Outrageous Education
Using PlayFair to develop problem solving and Cooperative Learning
Soup to Nuts (and Bolts)
New Technology Basics
Look at Me, Ma!
Video Production for Assessment and Promotion in the Classroom


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